Awesome BTS Footage with SpiderTrax Dolly

Wow, I was just talking about the SpiderTrax Dolly in my last post, but then received an email from SpiderTrax Dolly user 'Luke' with a link to his awesome BTS video. These guys are crazy! Looks like they ran a custom long track for some super long slider shots. Something you're not going to be able to do with a standard camera Slider. They also showcased some very cool rotational shots on the gym floor, again something you can't do with a standard slider. Other BTS footage includes the use in a wedding, tutorial videos, and more. This is a great video really showcasing the versatility of this product, and c'mon you can't beat the price! I have a feeling this video is going to sell out the first run of these SpiderTrax dollies, so if you don't have one, now is your chance. Visit:

Thanks Luke, great job! More information about Luke and the rest of the team that put together some creative video footage can be found on the YouTube description over here.

6 thoughts on “Awesome BTS Footage with SpiderTrax Dolly

  1. Emm

    Post author

    They used a wooden platform to roll the dolly. With shims it looks like they got it quite even.

  2. Olphus

    What was all that construction all about? I saw the dolly but I'm not sure how it connects the construction footage?
    Some of shts were made on uneaven ground so how did they do it?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    Not sure about the music, you'd have to ask those guys. Rails would be pretty cool.

  4. We are looking at buying one. But we want to mod it so you could also run on rails. I think we have a pretty good idea how to do it.

    Side note: Is that music from Inception?

  5. Nick

    Footage looks great, but I'm a little confused on how they move it so fluidly. Do they attach something to the track dolly that allows them to move it from a standing position?

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