Additional Lens Mugs Photos w/ Real 70-200mm F/4

There aren't too many photos of these Canon L Coffee mugs online. Normally it's the same photos being recycled over and over on the internet. I just thought I'd share a few more of my own. Sorry, i'm shooting these from work, i'll get these into my Product Photography Cocoon soon enough. I wanted to take some additional photos of the detail around the sides, top, and bottom for everyone to get a better view. Everyone that sees this thing always takes a triple take because it looks just like the real 70-200mm F/4. There's some shots of it next to the real deal.

Find more information on where I got mine from this blog post, Click Here..

One thought on “Additional Lens Mugs Photos w/ Real 70-200mm F/4

  1. Rob

    Awesome! Can't wait to get mine! Thanks for the info on I was hesitating ordering from the ebay sellers...

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