550D / T2i Video – Canyon Creek

This video is great for several reasons. First, it's coming from someone who's fairly new to shooting video on DSLR's. Secondly, it's coming from a 550D / T2i and the footage is amazing. Third, it's using all Nikon lenses with a Canon adapter, which goes to show, even with other lenses you can capture great footage. Great job on shooting this video Larry!

Little League Team: Canyon Creek Royals
Location: Alamo, CA
Music Credit: " A New Game"
Featuring: Julian Reyes

Shot with a Canon T2i w/ Nikon 85mm, 180mm & 16mm Fisheye.

If you're looking to adapt some Nikon lenses over to some Canon Bodies, you can find an adapter here.
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4 thoughts on “550D / T2i Video – Canyon Creek

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  2. Mike

    the 550D has limited controls on sharpness, contrast, saturation and so on.
    also the in camera sound recording is better. the biggest problem is the 550d overheats so much in comparison to the 7D.
    Once you update the firmware with the 7D the problem becomes far less but the 550D overheats to much for my liking

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  4. Nico

    Hey there, this is some great footage.
    I'm about to buy my first DSLR because of the great HD film possibilites and I'll probably go for the 550D. It's very affordable and seems to produce some outsatnding quality.

    What would you say, is the quality difference between the the 7D and the 550D worth the extra bucks?

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