35% OFF Aspen Mics Lavalier Microphones – 72 Hours Only

You just can't seem to get too far these days without a solid lavalier microphone. The Aspen Mics are proven to offer quality sound, versatile to use with your Camera | Smartphone | or Portable recorder, and already affordably priced, but who can say no to a good discount.

For the next 72 Hours Only get 35% OFF AspenMic Stereo, Mono, or Stereo Smartphone TRRS lav kits. You'll get the best prices (each) when you opt in for one of the already discounted bundles. Must use Coupon Code: 35OffAspen during your checkout. -Enjoy! https://aspenmics.com

AspenMics Aspen Mic Lav Lavalier Microphones
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6 thoughts on “35% OFF Aspen Mics Lavalier Microphones – 72 Hours Only

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @moebius22 - These are just like any other lav mic. If you connect it to a recorder, put on a set of headphones and monitor for any peaking or clipping. You can use the graphs on the Tascam LCD screen to help you set your levels. I typically try to keep my mic levels around -12db.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Eric Benson - It's tough with Bluetooth. Many of the receivers i've tried totally compress the audio to where it doesn't sound the same. It's hard for me to gauge the sound.

  3. Eric Benson

    Thank you! Just bought the iphone kit. I have a small recorder as well, but the option of the smart phone will be nice as well. Very cool.

    Have you tried this with wireless blue tooth headphones for monitoring? Seems cool. I realize a tascam with the aspen is optimal.

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