Konova released a series of videos showing off some of the update kits available for their current sliders. One video gives a sneak at how their new Crank handle will attach to existing sliders. Oh and yes it was pointed out that they incorrectly spelled Crank handle to 'Clank Handle'. Hopefully they correct that soon. [Thanks Kelly]

Konova sliders and upgrade parts can be found online (click here)
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Wondlan Slider Kit Mini DV Rail

Wondlan seems to be on a roll with releasing products, but not so much when it comes to pricing them against already successful existing products on the market. This time they are offering a new DV Mini Slider Rail (not really mini), so far in lengths of 80cm and 100cm (32 inches & 39 inches). The new Wondlan Slider Rail probably wins for the 'most unflattering pair of legs' i've ever seen on a slider, but I guess they wanted solid support for their low Vertical positions.
Wondlan Vertical Slider
find-price-button Wondlan DV Mini Slider Rail

Now the pricing isn't per say 'terrible', and it is around the same pricing as the smaller Konova units. But in my mind, unless you have something very different to offer, Konova's slider is leading with a huge head start and proven performance. Konova has also laid out some future groundwork and have been showing motorized and crank additions to their K3 and K5 sliders that should be backwards compatible.

Even Varavon has released their latest Mini Lightweight slider, that appeals to the Micro camera market. The only thing that could possibly make a difference is the bearing carrier design for Wondlan. The Konova carrier can be a bit finicky and takes some adjustment, and Wondlan's does appear to be different. We'll just have to wait and see who's got the better slide. You can find those new Wondlan Sliders online following the link (click here).

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(Above) That's the Wondlan Shoulder Rig, that comes with the shoulder pad, two handles, a swing away Matte Box, Top handle, Side Brackets, etc. You know i'm not even sure if that comes with a follow focus, but you'll find a setup like this going for about $1800+ dollars (see here).


Konova today posted up their slimmed down version of such a rig (above). Parts are definitely not from Wondlan, and it looks like they have an RJ Matte Box + RJ Follow Focus. Same overall design with one side bracket, top handle, shoulder pad, two long grips, and a rear mounting plate. Some of the pieces I've seen before, and some other ones like the locking handles i've never seen on other rigs. Konova listed this kit for $1100 dollars cheaper than Wondlan's, and there's some additional photos following the link (click here).

find-price-button Konova Video Shoulder Rig Matte Box Follow Focus Bundle


I don't know exactly when it happened, but it happened. Although i'm a big fan of the Konova slider, I always wished they had a smaller version than 31". At 31" inches, that was just a little bit too long to pack in some of my bags when traveling. So recently they just started listing a smaller 60cm / 23.6" version which still has the new leg / feet design. Having a shorter run slider also makes it easier to balance on a single tripod.

In fact I even went as far as cutting down one of my IGUS rails because I really wanted something down to the 24" length. At just over 23" inches, this slider can be worn with the tripod carrier of your backpack. You can start to find the shorter Konova sliders popping up online (click here).

find-price-button Konova K3 60cm 23.6" Video Slider


Konova Motorized Slider

There's been a huge variety of video camera sliders in the past year, but if you're still wondering what slider to get, maybe the Konova is one to look forward to. Highly regarded as the best bang for the buck, they are still adding in more options. I knew they had been working on a crank pulley and motorized accessory for quite some time, but Mark pointed it out that they are recently showing these options in their listings. [Thanks Mark].

From what I know, these upgradeable options are being designed to work with the existing K3 & K5 sliders if you already have one. I followed up to find out the Crank will be released first followed up by the Motorized upgrade. Target ETA end of this month. If you can read Korean, you can get more info and see more images of the new options only on the actual Konova listings following the link (click here).

Motorized Crank Pulley Slider Konova
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Konova K5 vs K3 Slider Compare

Konova has one of the most popular roller bearing sliders on the market, and has now made available their new K5 slider which is a slightly larger version. The larger bearings and slightly larger carrier answers the call for supporting heavier payloads. Hopefully I should have a video review of this unit up soon, but i'm just getting back from CES Las Vegas. You can find more images comparing the new K5 against the smaller K3 slider over at the new listing (click here).

Konova K5 Bearings vs K3 BearingsKonova K5 bearings vs K3 Carrier bearings
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Preparing for a last minute shoot today, I found my Steadicam Merlin Vest had cracked on the upper chest piece. Crap. The quick fix for me today was to use the top portion of the Konova Vest and mate it with the Steadicam Merlin Arm (which is held on with the waist area). There was a bit of hackery, drilling, and modding, but it managed to all come together in the end. The reason I needed to stick with the Steadicam ISO Arm is because the rig I had already built up was fairly lightweight. The Konova requires a good payload to be effective, but the Steadicam arm can be dialed to fly lighter sleds. So for today's shoot i'm Frankenstein-ed out with a vest that consists of a Konova Chest Piece, Steadicam Arm, and Glidecam sled...

Steadicam Vest Konova Glidecam Stabilizer Fix Repair


If you've been under a rock, Konova has updated their popuar slider with a set of new Legs. You can find the video here: https://cheesycam.com/first-look-new-konova-dslr-video-slider/

Konova Slider with new Adjustable Leg / Feet

If you're rocking the old set of Konova Sliders, you can get the leg upgrade kit over at their website following the link (click here)
Konova Leg Updates
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